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Open your world at international relationship agency “Amorexclusivo” and discover the beauty, femininity and passion of latin woman.Amorexclusivo best price


Welcome to Amorexclusivo were we try to connect western men with sweet, sincere and beautiful latin woman for a serious relationship.My name is Peter and I run this agency together with my sweet wife Kathia who is born and raised in Honduras. Our office is located in the tourist city of Tela which is part of the beautiful and still undiscovered country Honduras.

We are a small agency with a big heart and we would like to guide you in your journey of finding a loving and exclusive relationship hopefully leading to a lifetime commitment or marriage. The ladies who join our agency are looking for a serious relationship with a foreign man and most of them are personally screened by us trough personal conversations, meeting their families and a id check.

Are you looking for a faithful woman, a best friend and possible lifepartner then we are the right agency to help, guide and support you. We do everything we can to provide you with an honest and reliable service for you as well as our ladies. Personal contact and assistance that is what we stand for. Save yourself from spending a lot time and money on online datingsites that promise you the world with using fake profiles and pictures who will never give you the result you are looking for.

The best words to describe latin woman woman are happy , family orientated, feminine, romantic, caring and full of temperament. They are among the most beautiful woman on the planet and are famous for their big hearts and loyalty .That is why latin woman are loved by men all over the world.

Do not expect to find your soulmate in one day so our advice is to take your time. Immediately entering our photoalbum and search for the most beautiful and young lady is not the way to start.Reading all the information on our website will give you a better picture of how we work and what is the best way to approach and find the latin woman of your dreams. We tried to be honest about all aspects and reality of starting a relationship with a Latin woman in a foreign country. We are here to support you and our ladies in every possible way we can to find the love of your life.

We tried to put as much information as we could in our website but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding whatever subject. We will be happy to answer your mail or phone call and are always at your service.

beautiful single latin woman


Peter and Kathia rose